“No day is like the other and I can still learn a lot even after more than three years.”


Senior Consultant in S&O at zeb

1. What brought you to zeb?

During my studies, I got to know a student organization as part of a workshop. It was a half-day event where we worked on a case study as a team. After the workshop we had a get-together and I took the opportunity to ask the consultants all my questions on consulting. 

The friendly and open manner of the consultants, the great atmosphere in the modern and tasteful Vienna office and the excellent overall impression that I gained from the workshop convinced me to apply to zeb. About four months later, I started my internship in Vienna where I was given the opportunity to work on client projects from day one. After I completed my master’s degree, I decided to accept a permanent position as a consultant at zeb. 


2. What are your responsibilities at zeb?

My tasks at zeb are very versatile. I mostly work actively on client projects that can differ greatly in terms of topics. Accordingly, the focus can also vary and range from conceptual design to project management or quantitative analyses. The well-known statement that the tasks of a consultant are very diverse is something I can definitely confirm. 

Aside from my project work, I have specialized in payment transactions as a topic within zeb. Together with my colleagues from different locations, I try to deepen my expertise in this area beyond client projects by creating studies and conducting webinars or expert interviews. 

In addition, I enjoy supporting regular workshops with students as a key account manager of a Vienna-based student organization. 


3. How do you like the work at zeb?

I have never been a fan of routine at work, so I am delighted by the variety of tasks that my work at zeb presents me with. No day is like the other and I can still learn a lot even after more than three years. As a travel enthusiast, I am always excited about the numerous European project locations offered as part of consulting at zeb. Aside from projects in Austria, I already had the opportunity to work for clients in Germany, England and Slovenia. Last but not least, I need to emphasize the great colleagues that make a work day at zeb special—and the colleagues in Vienna are just the best by far. 


4. Which skills does zeb require for somebody in your position?

I think if you are interested in consulting you should have a couple of skills that are relevant on any function level. Above all, a structured and conceptual way of working is required, which anyone can learn. In addition, curiosity and persistence for finding new solutions in the financial services industry are helpful. It is important to be able to adapt to new situations quickly as the work environment changes regularly. Foreign language skills help as well, of course, if you want to work in an international environment. 


5. What would you say to students who are interested in consulting?

My recommendation for interested students is to participate in one of the many events offered during the semester. In particular, the Vienna office hosts many different topic workshops that provide insights into consulting. The workshops give you the opportunity to get to know both zeb in general and the work as a consultant. The direct exchange with consultants, however, is a particularly good opportunity to clarify all open questions.