“Facing new challenges every day surrounded by the best colleagues—that’s what makes work enjoyable.”


Consultant in S&O at zeb

1. What brought you to zeb?

After completing my second master’s degree at Vienna University of Economics and Business, I was determined to start my career in consulting. My decision to apply for a job at zeb was based on discussions with friends and acquaintances. Former zeb interns and consultants praised the corporate culture and the attractive career perspectives. In addition, zeb gave me the opportunity to make a career out of my passion for the financial services industry. During the job interviews at the Vienna office, my initial image of zeb was absolutely confirmed and I was happy to accept zeb’s job offer afterwards. 


2. What are your responsibilities at zeb?

My tasks at zeb are one thing above all: not boring. I usually work on a project on the clients’ premises from Monday to Thursday. The scope of my tasks ranges from conducting analyses and creating documents to supporting workshops and meetings and much more. You can work independently from the very beginning and get the opportunity to present your own work to the client. Aside from project work, I support the development of topics, thus gaining additional expert knowledge in areas that I am particularly interested in, and contribute to the publication of articles and studies. I particularly like working with students at my alma mater, Vienna University of Economics and Business, where I have already given a lecture and supported students in their theses or in project seminars in cooperation with zeb. 


3. How do you like the work at zeb?

Nothing beats the corporate culture at zeb. Whether talking to a peer or with a Partner, the open and appreciative atmosphere can be felt everywhere in the company. I also appreciate the high level of personal responsibility that is given to you from day one, which allows you to work independently on topics and profit from a steep learning curve early on. The international working environment is another plus that allows me both to do most of my work in English and to brush up my Italian when talking to my colleagues from Milan. 


4. Which skills does zeb require for somebody in your position?

To become a successful consultant at zeb, you should have a high level of commitment, creative thinking, a structured way of working and good communication skills.  


5. What would you say to students who are interested in consulting?

As a student, you should gather information on how to start a career in consulting early on and make use of the various recruiting offers of management consultancies. At the beginning, I would suggest taking the opportunity to get to know a consultancy at university events, career fairs, case study trainings, etc. to establish an initial contact. The next step is to apply for an internship to gain initial consulting experiences and to decide for yourself if a future career in consulting is the right choice. Once you have successfully completed one or several internships, there is nothing standing in the way of a permanent position and a great career in consulting.