“Specialist expertise and a unique corporate culture in the most livable city in the world? zeb makes it possible!”


Analyst in IT Consulting at zeb

1. What brought you to zeb?

During my bachelor's degree at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, I was involved in a student initiative that cooperates with zeb. I was able to gain a few first impressions during this time through workshops. 

Before my graduation, I was determined to complete two things: firstly, I wanted to gain experiences in consulting and secondly it was my goal to continue my studies with a master’s degree. After I had heard of a program in which you could work as an analyst at zeb for about a year and then complete your master’s degree—support included!—I was immediately taken with the idea. The professional and personal impression I gained during my interview convinced my even further and I decided to join zeb. 


2. What are your responsibilities at zeb?

During my time as an Analyst, I was given the opportunity to work on projects right away. The range of my tasks was very broad and depended on the individual requirements of the project—from regulatory implementations and data management to supporting a start-up in Berlin. 

I was also involved in the topic development for data management and digitalization, with big data technologies and their application in particular. For these tasks, we could use the traditional “office Friday” or work from home. 

I am currently enrolled in a master’s course with a focus on finance and informatics at the Technical University of Munich which allows me to further pursue my interests. 


3. How do you like the work at zeb?

I like it very much—I am impressed not only by the technical expertise but also by the social skills. The interaction between colleagues combined with the opportunities for further development are remarkable. Each employee is supported by a senior colleague as a direct contact person who offers advice and assistance. Especially as a junior colleague, I was immediately regarded as an equal team member and my opinion was appreciated. “Reasoning beats hierarchy” is not just an empty phrase. 


4. Which skills does zeb require for somebody in your position?

Aside from the motivation to quickly familiarize yourself with new topics, I believe that a structured and precise way of working and flexibility are basic requirements. It is also useful to be able to stay calm in heated situations. 


5. What would you say to students who are interested in consulting?

As I am still studying myself, this is a piece of advice for fellow students. I would clearly recommend using your time at university to already get a good overview of the industry and its characteristics through workshops, student initiatives or specific courses.