“zeb applies the principle of pushing and promoting—every day.”


Manager in S&O at zeb

1. What brought you to zeb?

I have to admit that I did not know zeb during my university career. Only through a former fellow student who had joined the Munich office did I learn about zeb. It only took a few talks to completely convince me and I directly applied before I had even finished my studies. I have been working here since October 2014 and have not regretted my decision for a minute. 


2. What are your responsibilities at zeb?

As a Manager, I work on strategic projects with a focus in Austria. I mainly lead teams concentrating on digitalization topics. We help our clients completely rethink their business model and products and root them in the 21st century. 

In addition, I am part of TABULARAZA, zeb’s innovation lab. In this position, I focus on artificial intelligence—an area in which groundbreaking innovations for the financial services sector are developed almost on a daily basis. 

On top of that, I am responsible for the internship program in Vienna and I am also involved in recruiting events. 


3. How do you like the work at zeb?

It is especially because of the complex tasks and creative scope that I am still thrilled with my work at zeb, and this feeling is reinforced by the great team spirit when collaborating with fellow consultants. Close cooperation is key, particularly in the consulting industry, which is emphasized and strongly promoted by our corporate culture. “Reasoning beats hierarchy” is our central motto and the core of our daily work. 


4. Which skills does zeb require for somebody in your position?

In general, you need to be a team player with good communication skills and a high level of curiosity. zeb is the leading management consultancy for financial services—and that is because our colleagues all have these skills. My specific position as Manager also involves structuring tasks for a team so they can be accomplished together. 


5. What would you say to students who are interested in consulting?

Aside from my project activities, I am also responsible for the internship program in Vienna where I have seen many highly talented “temporary consultants”. My advice is definitely to jump in at the deep end. You can only learn to be a consultant through practical experience. You will soon find out in which direction you want to develop further.